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Top Quote of 2009

Thought I'd start a countdown for the best quote of the year, and what better place to begin than at the start of the whole thing.

The quote I find simply  beautiful and magnificent was bestowed upon the Great British public by none other than the Mayor of London himself, Boris Johnson. 

This week, London, as well as most of the country, found itself battling under blizzards of snow, more than we've had in the last 18 years in some places. Course, it wasn't actually all that much, and let's face it, it really is just snow. But hey, that won't stop the British from getting into a bit of a panic about the whole thing. Thankfully, London's mayor defended Britain's decision to cancel the normally reliable bus services for the first time ever and calm the whole situation down whilst he was at it. Ladies and gentleman of the internet, I give you Britain's best idiot and his unique perspective on the snowfall.
He then went on to say "My message to the heavens is: 'You've put on a fantastic display of snow power but that is probably quite enough'."

The man is an underrated genius.


Welcome. What you are now reading is a string of text written by a person you really shouldn't listen to. Thankfully, as you are reading this text, there won't be a lot of listening going on. I'm not going to tell you not to read this text; if you didn't heed the warnings of the blog title then there really is no helping you.

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Cos Ryan and I am a human boy born in the latter days of the 20th century. I am currently 23 years older than I was at birth, and reside in the wonderfully inbred cathedral city of Worcester, which is in the county of Worcestershire, which is in the country of England. For any Americans reading, that's Britain to you.

This "blog" is my way of getting those things that I cannot usually (in polite society) get off my chest. Within the confines of these virtual pages you will find me ranting about various things I find irritating, perhaps praising those things I find lovely, and also, whilst I'm at it, reviewing some of the music and motion pictures I find myself absorbing. Occasionally I will bestow upon you an essay or two about a variety of things from God to Geeks to Genesis and I'm sure many other things not exclusively beginning with "G."

I've told you my name; if you wish to look for me on social networking sites such as Facebook, then please feel free. I won't "add you" or anything unless I do actually know you; unlike most people on the internet, I consider a "friend" to be someone I not only have met at least once, but also know and trust and get along with. If you are a random person who, for reasons known only to your mental health practitioner, find yourself enjoying my ramblings to the extent that you wish to become my superfanbuddyfriend then - ever so kindly - frak off.

 Yours, most sincerely,

Rev. Cos Ryan.


Do Not Read This

This is the blog of Cos Ryan, a man you've never heard of. Contained within are blogs, music, film and book reviews, essays on a variety of things and various rants and raves. Tune in, it's proper good.

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